Promo Animation – ToonZone Studios

Storyboarding  (various productions) – LoudCrow Interactive

Educational videos – Thinkable Institute

Explainer videos – DemoDuck

Knowledge Kids shorts – Slaphappy Cartoons/ Knowledge Network

Beyond the Dead- Gree Canada ( in game flash animation and costume design)

Nerds and Monsters Promo – SlapHappy Cartoons

Monster Tracker – Game animation – Ka-Ching Cartoons

3D Machine short films – Ka-Ching Cartoons/NintendoDS

TicTac Commercial – YetiFarm Creative

DDB Teck – Yeti Farm Creative

Vancouver Aquarium TV spot (penguins) – BLATANT

Motorcity – Titmouse/Kickstart

Fin Shorts prt 2 – 3 x 20 sec – Slap Happy Cartoons, Vancouver Canucks

Hey Rosetta ‘New Sum’ Music Video -Blatant

Yoohoo and Friends – Toonzone

Badly Drawn Roy Season 2 – Lizard Brain Animation, JAM Media

Cell animation visual fx – Blatant / ‘Rise of the Planet of the Apes’

Common Deeds Commercial – Jester Coyote Animation

Project Better Balance Commercial – Blatant

PayPal Instructional video – Yeti Farm Creative, Gunshop

Top Cat – Feature – Cartoon Saloon, Anima

Fin Shorts – 5 x 20 sec – Slap Happy Cartoons, Vancouver Canucks

De Grobbebollen – 26 x 2 1/2 min. episodes – Ka-ching Cartoons